Baleno Led

Baleno Led CTA Bulb

Full retail Led proposition for commercial, industrial and residential use

With Baleno Led we are leading the Led revolution and setting the stage for design, development and manufacturing of high-end Led lighting solutions.

We only cooperate with carefully selected suppliers and partners. The products are manufactured with the highest quality Led chips primarily using Cree, Acriche and Osram.

The Color Temperature Adjusting – CTA dimming technology, used in various Baleno bulbs, won the prestigious LFI Innovation Award 2010 at the Lighting fair International that took place in Las Vegas – USA.

Led Revolution

In October of 1879, Thomas Edison had a breakthrough. He carbonized a piece of sewing thread. Using this as a filament, he was able to produce a light bulb that burned for thirteen and a half hours.

Today Baleno presents an award winning light bulb with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and a Colour Temperature Adjusted dimming function (CTA). The light colour becomes warmer along with the dimming process; the lamp lasts for over 50.000 hours.

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