Original Equipment Manufacturing

Exclusively manufactured at the highest standards of design, quality and safety

Original Equipment Manufacturing is our core competence and makes us the exclusive manufacturing partner of many highly valued brands in and outside the lighting industry.

OEM is an exceptional way to cooperate and leads to attractive margin opportunities for our clients. The projects require a close partnership between our clients and us, for whom we exclusively design and manufacture their products.

OEM goes beyond normal standards of lighting manufacturing, quality, product lifespan, safety and regulatory requirements. Therefore, working with a specialist able to manufacture beyond any level is an absolute must.

ILED Signalisation Green

Project Name: ILED Signalisation Green
OEM Client: IMT – The Netherlands
Lead time to technical release: 9 Months
Remarks: Compliant with CAP 437 and ICAO. Low maintenance fixture / suitable for explosive risk area

10 Watt Bridgelux Tracklight

Project Name: 10 Watt Bridgelux Tracklight
Lead time to technical release: 3 Months
Remarks: High performance and energy saving substitute for CDM-T 35W

Fatboy RockCoco Chandelier

Project Name: Fatboy RockCoco Chandelier
Lead time to technical release: 6 Months
OEM Client: Fatboy – The Netherlands
Remarks: UV-resistant and colourdurable so suitable for outdoor. 10 dimmable CREE chips.

OEM Retrofit Range

Project Name: OEM Retrofit Range
Lead time to technical release: 6 Months
OEM Client: Lighting Science Group – The Netherlands
Remarks: Full range of retrofit lamps according to client requirements. Comes in custom made packaging.